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Sept 5, WASHplus Weekly: Rural Water Supply. Recent research, presentations & papers. Read it here.

Global Handwashing Day is Just Around the Corner... ready, set, plan! Learn more here. Download the new Planners' Guide.

hanna photo thumbnail A World with WASH: Envisioning a Cleaner, Healthier World Post-2015. Learn more. Logo Thoughts from SWWW: What Next for Handwashing. Read PPPHW's Hanna Washburn's blog post here.

World Water Week, 2014: Are you Still Throwing your Post-2015 Water Investments Down the Drain? Presentation by PPPHW, Plan USA, WaterAid, & WASHplus. Read more.

WSUP/WASHplus Webinar, July 23: Institutional frameworks
The power of creative thinking and working with challenging institutional frameworks. On Youtube.
Laying the Framework for Water & Sanitation Sustainability. Read a guest blog post about the Zambia SPLASH Project here. A Story from the Zambia SPLASH Project: Falling in Love All Over Again. Read it here

Let Kids Learn Read more.

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