Clean Cooking End of Project Event

WASHplus clean cooking expert Elisa Derby and behavior change specialist Julia Rosenbaum presented on the last 5+ years of WASHplus support to the clean cooking sector, what WASHplus did and learned, and why it matters.

Time Session Presenters
9:30 Registration and Coffee  
10:00 Welcome & Introduction to WASHplus Tim Mastro - Director, Global Health, Population & Nutrition, FHI 360 Sandy Callier - Project Director, FHI 360 Pam Baldinger - Energy Advisor, Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, & Environment (E3)
10:15 Overview of Agenda Julia Rosenbaum - Deputy Director/Senior Behavior Change Advisor, FHI 360
10:25 Applying Behavior Change Approaches to Reducing HAP: An Overview Julia Rosenbaum
10:45 Consumer Preference and Willingness to Pay Studies: Nepal and Bangladesh Elisa Derby - Senior Household Energy Specialist, Winrock International
11:30 Introducing the Cookstove Consumer Research Toolkit Julia Rosenbaum
11:50 Other WASHplus Support to the Clean Cooking Sector Elisa Derby
12:20 Closing Remarks Merri Weinger - Environmental Health Team Leader, USAID John Borrazzo - Chief, Maternal & Child Health Division, USAID Elisa Derby

The link to the WASHplus Consumer Cookstove Toolkit can be found here.

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June 2016
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