What Do Cooks Want? What Will They Pay? A Study of Improved Cookstoves in Bangladesh

What Do Cooks Want? What Will They Pay? A Study of Improved Cookstoves in Bangladesh, 2014. USAID WASHplus. 
WASHplus conducted a comprehensive assessment to beƩ er understand consumer needs and preferences as they relate to increasing the uptake of ICS in Bangladesh, including household trials of improved stoves. This research, supported by USAID/Bangladesh, the USAID Asia Regional Bureau/Washington, and a grant contribuƟ on from the U.S. State Department’s Office of the Secretary of State, Global Partnership Initiative will contribute to the USAID/Bangladesh Catalyzing Clean Energy in Bangladesh program and actvities undertaken by key actors. 
Using qualitative and quantitative methods, this study draws from social marketing and social science to explore consumer perceptions of five promising ICS potentially (though not currently) available for distribution in Bangladesh. The study complements other eff orts by a range of stakeholders to strengthen market-based approaches and consumer choice for improving household air quality and reducing the environmental impacts associated with dependence on biomass fuels.
To assess consumer preferences, researchers applied an innovative methodology called Trials of Improved Practices, or TIPs. The WASHplus application of the TIPs method uses “elicitation questions,” which are semi-structured questions developed and validated to systematically identify barriers and motivators to change, including which factors are most influential in spurring the performance or nonperformance of a behavior.


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March 2014

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