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Integration was a core strategic objective of the WASHplus project, and almost all implementation countries had an integration component. Integration took place across different sectors including: WASH-HIV, WASH-nutrition, WASH-NTD, WASH-education.

WASHplus integrated WASH into HIV in Kenya and Uganda. These were deliberate integrated programs implemented with HIV funding. In Kenya, WASHplus also integrated inclusive sanitation into the Kenya WASH-HIV program to bring WASH to all vulnerable populations.

WASHplus End of Project Report: What We Did and Why It Matters

The report provides a summary of the key cross-cutting themes that informed the six-year WASHplus activity; describes WASH and HAP country-level activities; and includes links to tools, stories, learning briefs, reports, and other resources that provide a full picture of project experience and learning.


Kenya Comparative Analysis

Intervention and comparison households in Kenya were surveyed to determine drinking water treatment and storage practices, handwashing, management of feces, sanitation facility condition and use, and menstrual hygiene management.

A Surprise Inoculation Against Cholera

After the cholera epidemic tore through Migori County in January–February 2015, Ministry of Public Health officials discovered a surprise— two communities in Rongo subcounty, the epicenter of the epidemic, experienced zero cases of cholera. Why did these two villages, Kauma and Kanyangiela, not present any cholera cases, and why were they seen as safe havens amidst a strong outbreak despite being initially considered areas of high risk? The Ministry of Health (MOH) sent a team of investigators to examine the situation.

Promoting Improved Sanitation and Hygiene: A Poster

Through USAID’s WASHplus Project, FHI 360 is promoting improved water, sanitation and hygiene practices by encouraging communities to adopt small doable actions.

Kenya National Sanitation Conference in Pictures: April 1-3, 2014

Kenya’s Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia visited the FHI 360-led USAID-WASHplus program stand at first national Sanitation Conference at KICC on April 1, 2014. The cabinet Secretary was briefed by WASHplus Project Manager Evelyn Makena on activities by the national mechanism to optimize Kenya’s capacity to implement water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions for disease prevention. Participants are from donors, national government and all 47 counties.

Kenya Fact Sheets

Fact sheets on WASHplus Programs in Kenya, Community-led Totaly Sanitation, Equity and Inclusion in Sanitation and Hygiene, Working with Schools, Building National Capacity to Support Inclusive Sanitation, and Resources to Support WASH-HIV Integration.

Integration Inspires Sustained Behavior Change and Innovation in Kenya

This is a poster that was prepared for the 2013 Water and Health Conference, UNC Water Institute. As a national program, WASHplus developed a WASH-HIV integration kit in English and Swahili that includes a training manual, job aids, and teaching methodology to engage district public health officers and partner NGO institutions working with community health workers and communities to negotiate improved WASH practices with households.


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