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Integration was a core strategic objective of the WASHplus project, and almost all implementation countries had an integration component. Integration took place across different sectors including: WASH-HIV, WASH-nutrition, WASH-NTD, WASH-education.

WASHplus integrated WASH into HIV in Kenya and Uganda. These were deliberate integrated programs implemented with HIV funding. In Kenya, WASHplus also integrated inclusive sanitation into the Kenya WASH-HIV program to bring WASH to all vulnerable populations.

WASH-NTD Integration Program Model

More than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from one or more painful, debilitating tropical diseases that disproportionately impact poor and rural populations, cause severe sickness and disability, compromise mental and physical development, contribute to childhood malnutrition, reduce school enrollment, and hinder economic productivity. Three of these diseases are directly linked to water, sanitation, and hygiene practices.

WASHplus End of Project Report: What We Did and Why It Matters

The report provides a summary of the key cross-cutting themes that informed the six-year WASHplus activity; describes WASH and HAP country-level activities; and includes links to tools, stories, learning briefs, reports, and other resources that provide a full picture of project experience and learning.


Job Aids for WASH and NTDs

WASH and NTD job aids developed for the Burkina Faso pilot activity.

Baseline Survey on Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Related Neglected Tropical Diseases

This report presents the results of a baseline comparative study conducted in two districts, Manni, a high intervention district (HID), and Bogandé, a low intervention district (LID). Both districts are located in Gnagna Province in Burkina Faso. The baseline survey interviewed 1,296 caregivers of children aged one to nine years. It was conducted to obtain a better understanding of the situation in these two districts with regard to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and related neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).


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