WASHplus Presents at 2015 #UNCWaterandHealth Conference

The WASHplus team presenting at the 2015 UNC Water and Health Conference organized by the UNC Water Institute. Conference presentations are provided below. 

Cognitive Effects of Drinking Water and Improving Hydration Status among Primary Schoolchildren in Eastern Province, Zambia: Report

The objectives for this study were to measure the degree of pupils’ dehydration in this setting, the effect of drinking water on cognitive test performance, and the effect of hydration on cognitive test performance.

School WASH Facilities: Operations and Maintenance Guidelines

School WASH Facilities Operation and Maintenance Guidelines, 2015. USAID/WASHplus Project.

This manual addresses the key O&M tasks necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of school WASHE services and the longevity of related hardware. It covers these key aspects of O&M and includes related tools:

Exploring the potential of schoolchildren as change agents in the context of school WASH in rural Zambia

Exploring the potential of schoolchildren as change agents in the context of school WASH in rural Zambia, 2014. by Sara Bresee, Justin Lupele, Bethany Caruso, Sarah Fry and Matthew Freeman.

SPLASH Menstrual Hygiene Management Toolkit

This toolkit was designed to help teachers, school health and nutrition (SHN) coordinators, and other school personnel in Zambian primary schools to carry out MHM programs or activities in their school. It is organized into three sections: basic information about puberty, menstruation, and MHM; a checklist for schools to use to ensure that they have all the elements needed for a good MHM program; interactive games and activities that will engage students to learn about MHM including an activity that shows students how they can make their own pads or sanitary towels.

Zambia - Falling in Love All Over Again

“Life in rural Zambia is unbearable.” This is the story that is always heard among newly trained teachers who are posted in rural areas. This reaction is due to the perception that rural schools have poor or inadequate water and sanitation facilities.  


WASH Committees Spread Improved Hygiene Behaviors to Their Communities - December 2012


Grade 5 Pupil Inspires His Family and Surrounding Community about Hand Washing - December 2012


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