Funding Sources - WASH & Clean Cooking


Akvo Foundation - Akvo is a non-profit foundation with staff in the Netherlands, Britain, Sweden and California. It helps to facilitate private donations to WASH projects.

Alcoa Foundation - WASH funding is primarily geared toward conserving clean and safe water resources as part of a broader environmental program that addresses climate change and environmental sustainability. Funding goes to education and awareness programs about water conservation as well as to organizations that develop technology and infrastructure – watersheds and hydropower systems.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Focuses on improving safe and sustainable sanitation services by stimulating household demand for sanitation, promoting affordable market-based sanitation solutions, and encouraging the creation of effective sanitation policies at global and national levels.

Coca-Cola Foundation, Inc. - Funding for WASH aims to offset water used for Coca-Cola’s production process through two primary activities: improve water access and restore watersheds. Water access funding includes the development of technological solutions to increase safe water access such as in-home water pumps, rainwater harvesting, community water treatment systems, and distribution networks.

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation - Funding for safe water-access programs for the world’s most poor, enabling environments, and information dissemination. Partners to support and fund a comprehensive WASH+ continuum (water access, sanitation, hygiene + livelihoods) in order "to support and enable sustainable and scalable access to safe water, improving the health, education, and livelihoods of the ultra poor.

Foundation is a hub of information and resources for grantmakers working to improve water access, sanitation, and hygiene, around the globe. It addresses a critical challenge in philanthropy — knowing who is funding what, and where — so that the community of funders can more effectively, and collectively, meet global challenges.

Humanitarian Innovation FundThe Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-promotion (WASH) pavilion gives solvers the opportunity to develop innovative WASH solutions to help save lives and reduce suffering during disasters and humanitarian crises. 

PepsiCo Foundation, Inc.The foundation seeks to ameliorate the effects of the global water crisis in communities with severe water shortage or lack of clean water. It also funds innovative approaches to improve local sanitation conditions and protect cleanliness of water sources.

Rockefeller Foundation - The foundation hopes to expand WASH funding in 2011 by exploring a multiple use services concept (MUS) which is an integrated approach to water service delivery and accounts for water’s many purposes – drinking, domestic tasks, agriculture, and small-scale production. Current work is focused on better understanding the potential barriers that limit the scaling of multiple use servies approaches, and possible interventions to reduce those barriers and support opportunities for scaling.

USAID Development Innovation Ventures - Through DIV, USAID awards grants to compelling new development solutions, rigorously tests them, and helps scale those that are proven successful to become development grand slams.

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