The WASHplus Team

Sandra Callier, Project Director
Provides overall strategic direction and leadership, oversees and ensures quality of project implementation and deliverables, and serves as primary liaison with USAID and partners.
Phone:  +1.202.884.8469

Jonathan Annis, Sanitation and Innovation Adviser
Coordinates CARE USA's involvement in WASHplus by providing thought leadership and technical support in the areas of sanitation, innovation, sustainability and rural water supply across the portfolio.
Phone: +1.202.884.8787

Renuka Bery, WASH Integration Specialist
Provides leadership and technical assistance in WASH-HIV and WASH-nutrition integration at the global and country levels.
Phone: +1.202.884.8985

Dan Campbell, Knowledge Resources Specialist
Supports planning and development of knowledge management services and products, including the WASHplus website, blogs, current awareness services, etc.
Phone: +1.202.884.8887

Laura Copenhaver, Operations Director
Phone: +1.202.464.3794

Elisa Derby, Indoor Air Pollution Specialist
Provides technical assistance and strategic planning in indoor air pollution and household energy, including representation of WASHplus in global IAP partnerships and initiatives.
Phone: +1.617.524.0466

Sarah Fry, Senior Hygiene Program Advisor
Manages WASHplus Zambia and Benin programs, provides technical and program input into integration of WASH in schools and serves as WASHplus representative to international WASH in Schools partnerships.
Phone: +1.202.884.8927

Orlando Hernandez, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist
Manages the Monitoring and Evaluation and Operations Research functions.
Phone: +1.202.884.8619
Skype: orlando.hernandez.alcerro

Patricia Mantey, Knowledge Management Specialist
Team lead for project knowledge management, communication, and outreach.
Phone: +1.202.884.8960
Skype: pamantey

Kia Matthews, Program Officer
Provides programmatic and operational support to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning of the project.
Phone: +1.202.884.8828

Jose Molina, Senior Operations Officer
Provides management for the successful day-to-day operations of the project by ensuring compliance with FHI 360 and client policies and regulations, managing contracting and procurement functions, and developing and maintaining efficient administrative and operations systems.
Phone: +1.202.884.8819

Wendy Putnam, Communications Specialist
Provides writing, editorial, and publication support to the project.
Phone: +1.301.922.9289

Julia Rosenbaum, Deputy Director/Behavior Change Specialist
Fosters behavior change focus and innovation throughout technical portfolio, including the role of improved products, policies, and services in changing WASH and IAP behaviors; part of integration team integrating WASH and IAP into HIV, schools, nutrition, and more.
Phone: +1.202.884.8838
Skype: julia.rosenbaum1

Camille Saade, Public-Private Partnership Specialist
Provides guidance for the development of public-private partnerships for WASHplus country activities.
Phone: +1.202.884.8959

Francisco Sequeira, Finance Manager
Responsible for managing the overall financial and accounting operations of the project.
Phone: +1.202.884.8735

Taj Sheriff, Household Energy Specialist & Knowledge Management Advisor
Provides technical assistance for developing household energy solutions and knowledge management, communication, and social media services, products, tools, platforms.
Phone: +1.202.884.8806

Sarah Yagoda, Program Officer
Provides programmatic and operational support to ensure smooth day-to-day functioning of the project.
Phone: +1.202.884.8928

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