The WASHplus Project

The WASHplus project supports healthy households and communities by creating and delivering interventions that lead to significant improvements in access, practices, and health outcomes related to water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) and household air pollution (HAP).  This multi-year project (2010-2016), led by FHI 360 in partnership with CARE and Winrock International, is funded through USAID’s Bureau for Global Health. WASHplus is also joined by a diverse set of NGO, university, and private sector resource partners. WASHplus uses at-scale as well as integrated approaches to reduce diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infections, the two top killers of children under five years of age globally. WASHplus can integrate WASH and HAP activities into existing HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, nutrition and education programs and fosters strong in-country partnerships to increase impact. In addition, WASHplus is charged with exploring and promoting innovation in the WASH and HAP sectors. 


  • Reduce diarrheal diseases and acute respiratory infections
  • Integrate WASH and HAP interventions into education, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, and nutrition programs
  • Promote innovation
  • Foster strong in-country partnerships


  • At-scale program implementation
  • Creative and effective program design that builds on existing programs
  • Targeted short term technical assistance
  • Research design and evaluation of a range of environmental health activities


  • Working at Scale: Working at scale from the beginning—rather than scaling up—and engaging the multiples –sectors and organizations- to address gaps in access, policy, institutional strength, and supply.
  • Innovation: Bringing together academics, local research institutions, public and private sectors and implementation partners to test behavioral, programmatic, and technological innovations for WASH and HAP.
  • Partnerships: Bringing together common and uncommon partners through creative partnerships to enhance funding, advocacy, and impact for WASH and HAP improvement.
  • Integration: Integrating WASH and HAP with other health and non-health programs to provide win-win contexts that expand uptake and sustainability of WASH and IAP service

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